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Are Your Medications & Supplements Making You Homosexual?

All medications are Endocrine Distruptors. The Endocrine system is in charge of communications from brain to all organs. Watch a crash course on the Endocrine System.

Endocrine Distruptors interrupt messages from brain to organs. Thus, preventing normal cycles for men and women with their reproduction cycles as well as changing all their messages recieved on the outside. Can this interruption of messaging make you gay?
Yes. Here’s a list of medications, drugs or supplements that can block the original messages:

5 Things that Change the Testes, Breasts, Attraction and Sex Drive


Have you heard? Anti-depressants do not work. Many people are now choosing different ways to combat anxiety.

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Smoking Marjauana

Smoking weed causes depression and bi-polar because it prevents the correct messaging for the Pituary gland (the anti-depressant gland).
Article coming soon…

Creatine or Whey Protien

If you are trying to enlarge… parts of your anatomy will be effected by this substance.

The article is not recommending taking it or not but refers to what Creatine is and what it does.


A better solution to get stronger: Molasses. It is the best pre or post work out with zero crash. It will make your grow and not tear muscles, but lubricate muscle fibers with proper blood flow. Take a Tablespoon before and after a work out or an activity or sport.

Non-Food Supplements

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Supplements?”

For some, they think, “That’s the holistic route.” For others they think, “Not for me. It’s just random ways for holistic doctors to get more money.”

Both groups need to ask the question: “Who cares what that person’s motives are. What are your reasons to put something in you without asking all the questions?

Here are some questions to ask your provider of supplements:
1. What is in this supplement?
2. How long will I be on this?
3. Are there steriods or synthetics in this supplement?”
4. How will we know if this works? What is the Benchmark.
5. Is there a food I can eat more of instead?

If the provider doesnt know the answers or give any answer to these questions…do your research before purchasing.

I know it says Vitamin C but there are MANY and MOST companies put fillers in their product. Fillers “clog” the receptors of the human anatomy and act like blocks to the messages from the brain. Thus, causing many misfiring of messages which could lead to hyper focusness, moodiness, sleeplessness, urination issues, reproductive issues and wrestlessness.

Recommendation: Do more research on what is inside your supplement before you put it in your body. This is a great recommendation for all things that are not food.

The best way to stay away from digesting fillers is to stick with food or supplements that are food or organs grounded up like ancestral supplements.

Dove, Secret and other Toxic Soaps

Most soaps clog the skin, brain and organs because once again…it is’nt digestable. It’s not food.

Stick with shampoo or soap that doesn’t have extra stuff in it. Dove soap is definitly a soap that lowers good decision making due to the misinformation from brain to head.

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