Women’s Wellness

Working with you to help you be the healthiest version of you!

What We Have Helped With

Hormone Balance

Encourage your body’s ability to balance all chmeicals in your body by helping your quality of life, sleep and mood etc.

Prenatal Therapy

Regardless if you are 40 weeks out or days away, we can help enhance your posture for smoother labor & delivery along with providing pain managment tips.


It takes around 2 years to recover hormones after giving birth. Our therapy and tools can help this ease this process back to feeling stronger and less worn out.

Regular Cycles

There are a lot of reasons for irregular periods. It doesn’t have to be a normal thing. Get a ZYTO scan consulation with us to see what could be helpful.

Lower Dependency

It is popular for 60 year olds to go on hormone treatment like testoerone pelots for libido or no energy.

It is popular for teens and 20 year olds to do IUDs or hormone therapy for different reasons.

We work along side your health care provider to decrease or completely get off medications as their are foods and other ways to help get you back to feeling your best version of you.


Along with your spouse and health care provider, there are ways to improve fertility. This treatment is aimed to improve blood flow for brain body connection for optimal hormone balance to create a great environment for a baby. Book a consultation with spouse to review medical intake forms and walk a way with a plan for home tips and bodywork therapy. At the end of the day, God opens and closes wombs, but we can help bring the body back into homeostasis for wellness.


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Please call first if you have had steroid injections, hormone therapy, blood pressure medication or the COVID vaccinations/boosters in the past 5 years. (214) 810-6624. Thank you!