“I Did Not Know That”

How To Stop Addiction

The list below are items that interrupt the natural chemicals (hormones) our bodies release based on the needs for Homeostasis (balance). Signs of addiction is overall rejection of moving forward with creating own family or being with family and friends for the sake of these things listed below. The biggest question to ask yourself: Where is this practice headed? Where is this practice taking me and my family?

Top Addictions:
1. Drugs & Alcohol
2. Social Media Scrolling, Video Games
3. Work or projects
4. Excessive Exercise, gym rat
5. Porn, Masturbation & Serial Dating
6. Care take for False Positives or Possible Harm
7. Being Someone’s Holy Spirit
8. Specific Social Interactions such as gossip, debate, impressing or networking for personal gain.
9. Controlling someone’s perspective of you
10. Emotionally Eating

7 Ways to Help Detox and MOVE ON

1. Remove Enablers & Detox


Detoxing will be difficult but your body is more than willing. The Brain needs a little help and comfort to move forward.

To the brain there is no difference between a gym rat, emotionally eating, sex addictions and drugs. Once the Limbic System is aroused by certain actions it goes into “Fight or Flight” and the person is now in a state of emotions not logic. When detoxing from any addiction, the body is used to the chemical highs such as and will seek it.

– For parents with a child 17 and younger it is recommended to find a safe Christian rehab place, regardless if it is any of the above addictions. There are some good ones out there, so do some research for your area www.google.com. This will remove the dangers of the process of detoxing. When someone is detoxing, it is leaving their body chemically and they can be dangerous with words or actions. This must happen to get rid of the chemical “hit” and will protect other children in the house and parents.

– If the person is over the age of 18 years needs their own roof over their heads the moment they get out of rehab and into work. You will see more on work in #6. An intervention may be necessary for 18 year olds or older.
Please see Intervention (If Needed) at the end of the 7 ways.

2. Eat Meals & Drink Water

Instead of skipping meals, skipping weddings and funerals and showers or rejecting social invites…Live your life.

Do Homeostasis Checklist every day. Eat 3 meals a days, Go walk, sleep and learn God’s plan. You will not be dissapointed.

Don’t let your identity of being a “night owl” mess up your life. All night owls are hard to talk to in the morning because they’re moody and grumpy.

There are many studies of rehab facilities feeding addicts food and water and they detox successfully. This concept is also in the Bible and all Human Anatomy books. Food and water is the only way to make blood and blood is the only way to accomplish sanity and wellness. Blood (food & water) gives a foundation to live for God as you are ABLE too with out falling asleep, being too tired or grumpy to serve Him.

3. Kill Parasites (Bodywork 2 - 6 Sessions)

I do not know if you know this but mental illness is correlated with parasites. Mental illness is very stressful. Stress can lead to bad habits.

Come in for ozone for your body. (2-6 sessions)

4. NAD+ IV Drip

Find your local IV lounge and get NAD+ IV drip. This is the best IV to detox from addictions. Ask nurses how often you would have to come in every two weeks or monthly for 3 months.
www.google.com for this drip in your area.

Eat lots of food and water before. Have them start slow as you will be detoxing and reseting your Hypothalamus Gland.

5. Exchange Relationship with Addiction with God

Read the wisdom books every day.

Join a local Bible Study Fellowship or weekly Church Bible study. LEARN God from the Bible.

1. Start with Wisdom Books in the Bible:




2. Get a devo with stretches that walk through the Bible in a year.


6. Get a Paying Job & Own Place to Live

If this person is over 18 years old. Get a Job and go to work. It is the most rewarding things to learn how to serve others. God rigged it this way.

See how working a job restores Body Mechanics 101

7. Reject What Leads to Harmful Practices

Accepting the “Me Too” movement or the feminist agenda will damage female and male hormones as a society.

Men turn to porn, video games or same sex actions as women see turning to each other for gossip, self pleasure or group masturbation because of the feminist movement which so easily mocks God.

Reject this song, this rythym and pattern of thinking. Reject all practices that promote self-pleasure and call on God for wisdom (read Bible) on how to interact with the opposite sex and to use your bodies for good and not for evil. Review #5

Intervention (If Needed)

Interventions do not need to be a huge, dramatic event. It is necessary for every family member, close friend and enabler to agree together to all abide by the rules of engagement with this individual to stop their addiction. This is a chance for everyone to be on the same page.

1. Need Facilitor.
You will need a facilitator like a pastor or elder of a local church or trusted friend who is level headed. This will create clarity on the next step for everyone to participate and not let lying or manipulation to take root.

For example, if a 30 year old daughter is in and out of drug use and having different partners who are enabling her, she needs to be taken away from all those relationships and put in Rehab or jail in some cases without contact of drug dealer and relationships involved in this practice. This may even be a family member who gives finanical or emotional support to the person who is currently addicted.

In addition, if a 40 year old man is obsessed with gambling or porn it is similar as someone who is a work aholic. I know working is more socially accepted, but it must be addressed if they are not eating 3 meals a day and not sleeping for the sake of working.

Another example, when someone is getting of their meds, this is another way to be safe – to go to rehab and follow the 7 ways to detox.

2. Length of Intervention.
An intervention is no more than 30 minute meeting. No lectures. Just actions. Remember, all people who are addicted are logically anorexic so being dramatic in anyway does not help and are worth saving out of a cycle of harmful practice. Give them water and food and give them a Bible take them to rehab (preferably a Christian rehab) one that reads through the Bible to be acquainted with Jesus.