“I Did Not Know That”

Why Yoga is Bad for You

Note: If you are Hindu or this is your religion, please ignore this page.

After performing therapeutic massages for over 10 years now, I always wondered why all the clients who did yoga stretches had hormone imbalance, lower back issues, hot flashes, weak ankles, fertility issues, thyroid issues, anxiety, frequent neck tightness and BELLY BLOAT!

Belly Bloat: I’m referring to muscular disorders not merely gut issues. Belly bloat is not referring to chronic gas, but to the lack of strength in these muscles: obliques and rectus abdominal. Specifically the popping out of the belly button which creates a distastis recti causing a weakness in the solar plexus area (below sternum). This causes herniation creating aggressive lower back issues. It promotes all kinds of disconnections from lumbar and tail bone, shutting off lower pudendal nerve aka the result of “pelvic floor issues.”

In other words, Yoga does not create an hour glass figure. Yoga creates a compression on your lateral line, causing your Thyroid to disappear into your neck.


Look up belly breathing how it displaces the abdomen what’s called the “abdomen containment” where all organs are misplaced. Yogi and yoga gurus want their organs to regress out of place because they’re trying to get to nirvana or the “happy place” which is misleading as it shuts off our Vagus nerve shifting our bodies to “Fight or Flight.” This leads to a lack of digestion, lack of reproduction and lack of elimination. These designed poses turn off body function so they can go into a transcendental state. That’s the whole purpose of it. It’s how they get to mediation or “white space” as they call it, where they can feel god like.


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Instead Do These Stretches
Instead of poses, do the Sports Stretch Routine on the Stretch App & Book Here. These stretches are designed to pump blood into muscles with the result of “Rest & Digest.”

Hokey Pokey


Yes. The hokey pokey is amazing!

Tai Chi

What are Tai Chi Movements?

Tai Chi is the “Body by Science” version of stretch.

Tai chi movements are characterized by their graceful and continuous nature, with each movement flowing seamlessly into the next. The practice emphasizes a relaxed and mindful approach, focusing on proper body alignment, breath control, and mental concentration.


Volunteer. There is no drug or endorphine high greater than serving others.

  • Help someone move 
  • Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Find 3 or 4 houses on your neighborhood who would pay for the gas for you to mow for free. Mow the yard for neighborhood widows or elderly once a week.
  • Get a once a week volunteer shift at a local grocery store stocking or bagging for people.
  • Work at UPS as a substitute.
  • Ask a local farmer if they need help once, twice or three times a week for an hour.
  • Delivery groceries (carry farmers)
Walk 20 Minutes a Day

Swimming is great for range of motion in all joints. It’s easy on the knees.

Play Freeze Tag with Your Kids on a Playground

Stopping and freezing and stopping and freezing in a non repetitive way to restrict muscles to relaxed and back to restricted (it’s a massage away from a massage therapist).

  • It’s not repetitive
  • It’s not self-seeking
  • It’s not boring/numbing to your brain
  • It’s joyful to your kids and spouse because they get to hang out with you. And laugh at you.

    It’s harder to do than crossfit and football work outs. The reason I know this…Have you seen or heard of a professional football player play on the playground for an hour?