February Blog

Fake, Fad or For Real

29 Fads in 29 days

With all activities under the sun…

we must ask the question…

“Where is this going?” and “Who is this serving?”

1. Anit-Depressants (SSRI - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)

Fake and Fad!

1/8 Americans are on anti-depressants. It is an Endocrine Disruptor:

  • Lowers libido
  • Changes appetite
  • Increases gentile numbness
  • Creates cycles of chronic fatigue
  • Increases steralization

INSTEAD: #4 Solution

2. Running or Jogging

Fake and Fad!

Forget asking your doctor, yourself or me…your body has questions for you when running as a daily activity…

1. Pituitary Gland: What is the threat? How long do I need to send signals to increase cortisol levels?
2. Knees and toes are asking: Why are we ignoring the discomfort?
3. Heart: Why am I going up and down over and over for a long period of time? I need more oxygen and this isn’t working….can’t we do sex with your spouse instead? Could we just walk? I won’t be able to sleep all the way through the night tonight! The CO2 and O2 levels are imbalanced!
4. C-7 spinous process: Geeze, the head seems to be angling differently. Does anyone else have the weight of this 12 pound head hitting them the wrong way?
5. Stomache Sphinter: When can you stop opening and closing me? Oh no – here comes acid! Sorry teeth and gums.
7. Intestines: Why does the brain always makes me so nervous?
8. Abdominal Aorta: I am shrinking because we keep spending more blood than making it. When can we stop this?
9. Femur bone:When can I stop eating away at the bone to help us continue this hobby? We need more food and water…
10. Brain: At least I pray when I do it! It makes running a holy time with God. RIGHT?!
11. Intestines: I’m not understanding this peace you’re supposedly promising …

INSTEAD: #2 Solution

3. Colostrum

Fake and Fad!

Colostrum is only in the milk in the mother right after giving birth.

INSTEAD: #5 Solution

4. Liver Detox

Fake and Fad!

We slush off or detox cells every day. You do not have the same liver you had 7 years ago. This is great news. If we need help cleaning and clearing….all solutions can help with Liver congestion:

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

5. Hormone Therapy

Fake and Fad!

Before hormone therapy was called “birth control”, it was chemical castration and for steralization.

Ask doctor more questions. Read labels online of product.

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

6. Drinking/Spreading Your Urine on Damaged Body Part

Fake and Fad!

Urine is blood that has live bacteria, parasites, fungus and chemicals the body expelled…on purpose.

Drinking it will change your microbiom and because it’s 103 degrees being back into your body, those “dead” things listed above become more active. This will lead to more disease.

Drinking urine is worse than spreading it on your skin because it stays 103 degrees as it keeps bad bacteria alive and active. Spreading urine on skin is like putting puss + blood + bacteria on you, thus, your body absorbs it. Skin absorbs everything is it near or touching. It also is the way our bodies get oxygen more than breathing through nose! It’s the largest organ, so why “gunk” it up.

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

7. Masturbation for health benefits

Fake and Fad!

This is not only the Christian view, but the detailed explination of the negative physical effects of the practice of masturbation.

Orgasm is an impulse but true pleasure is from God in the penetration of a penis into a vagina. Anything outside of that action warps the body position of the pelvic floor causing illness.

Masturbation takes no relationship and no warm up chemicals  therefore it provokes fight or flight just like a hit of drugs, slap in the face or a cold plunge. It turns off body mechanics and makes you numb to serving others as it makes you more self focused, practice self lover thoughts. The chemicals of selfishness comes and goes, because we are all self-centered as we are sinners but since we have been saved by Grace, don’t practice the things Jesus forgave us away from.
More God, less of my way = Joy of the Lord

For men, the penis was created to penetrate the vagina which  requires a pelvic tilt that is not found in masturbation or penetration in the anus. The anus is a one directional tube, unlike the vagina. Penetrating the anus will cause the fastest systemic diseases and weakness for inside wounds, infections and systemic traumatic health issues. When abusing the penis with maturbation one must bend shoulders towards midline shutting off blood to the head. It pulls the neck and restricts blood to arms, spine and organs. This leads to waste build up behind the prostate and bladder, which leads to scar tissue or tumors.

For women, the vagina was made for a penis to penetrate. When women masturbate, it creates tension in the neck, abdominal sheeth, pulls the libia apart and splits the linea alba. This leads to scar tissue roots forming to fill in the damaged msucles. Periods will become more difficult to handle pain and ache levels will increase and spasms will occur more frequently. This practice also dumps dopamine in spine from kidneys creating a pool of waste in lower part of pelvic floor near bladder and spine causing hip displasia, tumors, cysts and other inside wounds.

More on pleasure versus joy of sex in marriage between male and female: Masturbation is aggressive and shocking to the body and brain as it has no “rev up” to the orgasm in how God designed it to be most satifying in a marriage between male and female. In fact, sex inside marriage put both in rest and digest and relieves stress unlike masturabation. Ironically, the body will feel abused just like if it were in a misunderstanding marriage with no God centered connection. Female and male interaction is already a mystery of God that He created on purpose so we would rely on Him for satisfaction and pleasure. Reading through Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon show the misunderstanding between the sexes, but also the explination and act of God to put two people together every time for the best sex. 

Masturbation ruins intimacy in all relationships as it creates fantasy life high on a drug instead of reality of waiting on God for true connection and joy between people in general.

There is a rythm of the reproductive cycle for both men and women. Masturbation interupts this rythm in which God designed to serve one another instead of self.

Sex toys are toxic, damaging and forced. Sex toys are for people who do not want a relationship like God wants, therefore they’re left with their own devices which leads to emptiness, tension and a life of chronic stress trying to look for the next “hit” of drugs and/or fantasy.

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

8. Foam Rolling

Fake and Fad!

Foam rolling forces waste into the origin of a muscle fiber creating scar tissue at the ends of every muscle. 

Stretching is better…

INSTEAD: #1 Solution

9. Massage Gun

Fake and Fad!

1. It’s repetitive.
2. It’s not talored to the person’s specific needs. Because the massage gun does not know the origin or belly of a muscle, it is not predictable for the body and brain.

Would you tap over and over on your self behind your head or neck? No. That’s why you might have bought the massage gun…because you don’t want to do it.

The intellegence of healthy touch from a licesenced massage therapist or self massage is no comparison to any beating repetative tool or automated action for healing.

Massage gun is slaps over and over to your body.

INSTEAD: Any and All Solution

10. Foot Bath Detox

Fake and Fad!

Foot detox baths put die in the water. The body does not turn water a color when it is detoxing. Sweat, urine and poop have a designated color or shades of color which is no where near the foot detox baths.

The only foot “detox” is when a trained practitioner uses electricity in water to stimulate the nerves, muscles and skin of the feet and ankles. No changing of coloring will take place.

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

11. Intermitten Fasting

Fake and Fad!

Skipping meals or only eating 2 meals a day means you have less blood. Less blood means over all decay and pain is about to be your friend, has been your friend or will be your acquantance.

Restriction of any food (besides kale) means shrinking organs. Ask Matt Damon, due to all his diet restrictions for skinny roles as an actor… his heart has shrunk overtime.

Restriction of food = more problems.

INSTEAD: #4 Solution

12. Vegan

Fake and Fad!

Restriction of any food (besides kale) means shrinking organs. Ask Matt Damon, due to all his diet restrictions for skinny roles as an actor… his heart has shrunk overtime.

Restriction of food = more problems.

For women, no meat equals more estrogen foods and an increase dump of testaterone. This is why vegans are moody and more aggressive and then the next day worn out or annoyed. Moody. No meat makes us moody.

More food restrictions + time = organs shrink, body eats itself

INSTEAD: #4 Solution

13. Kale

Fake and Fad!

Kale has properties to kill iodoine levels due to it’s chemical make up that damages the thyriod. Swap kale for spinach.

INSTEAD: #4 Solution

14. Temperature Changing Bed

Fake and Fad!

We need to be cool at night so the body can work at the correct temperature of 103 degrees inside. 

If you are cold at night and your spouse is hot…check your medications and the amount of food you eat. If you don’t eat a full 3 meals a day your temperature will drop and you will feel cold most of the time. If you need help with this situation check out solution #4.

If you’re hot at night and throw off the covers you may have an infection your body is trying to kill with fever. If you need help with this situation check out solution #6.

INSTEAD: #4 & #6 Solution

15. Creatine and Whey

Fake and Fad!

These products are decieving as they suck the water from organs and put them into muscle fibers giving the appearance of bigger but a better word would be “puffier.”

If you’re trying to get strong review muscles in an anatomy book and see what they require to work.

More of these synthetics or eestrogen filled powders to make you puffy… leads to the shrinkage of prostate, penis and uterus. There’s no faster way to make you bisexual than taking these types of products as they are endocrine disturptors (suppress natural design and function.)

INSTEAD: #2, #3 & #4 Solutions

16. Hydrogen Water

Fake and Fad!

Water has hydrogen in it already. H2O

Ozone is the best way to get purify bacteria, parasites, viruses  and mold/fungus.

At Home Portable Ozone Generator:

INSTEAD: #3 Solution

17. Sourdough Bread

Fake and Fad!

There are many ways to make bread with out a starter formulated from yeast…wild mold. Yes, there is mold everywhere and you can’t escape mold, however, why would you intentionally create a jar of it to eat. Jesus said to stay away from yeast and one of the first things out of Eygpt for the Israelites was to eat bread with out yeast. Jesus uses yeast to explain ruining a whole piece of bread. 

Mold will occumilate in our mucosal lining, because the body does not see it as food but also does not want it to become systemic and cause deep health issues. 

INSTEAD: #3 Solution

Look up bread recipes with arrow root and almond flour. Arrow root helps you detox and lose the bloat and solve digestion issues. Start incorporating it in veggies for a more crunchy dish.

18. Steroids

Fake and Fad!

If you would like to know what steriods do truely look up the wrestling brothers or watch the movie Iron Claw. No, I don’t recommend that movie unless you want to know how sad and depressing life can get with drugs. Drugs have side effects, they make us do things we would not normally do. The wrestling family famous in DFW area were the first time that watching what steriods do to you in the public eye. The death of all 4 sons were painful and taught doctors and gym rats to may be think twice about using substance to look and feel a certain way in exchange for abdomen bleeding and brain illness.

Side note: Antibiotics are now mixed with steriods since everyone is tolerant of them. It is pharma’s way to “pop” the outer shell of the parasite, bacteria or virus to damage it. You’re not just getting nasal spray anymore…it’s steriods. You’re not just getting lotion or pain relief cream…it’s also steriods.

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

If you are chronically ill or have tried multiple antibiotics or steriods…go to your nearest ozone IV lounge and get IV ozone therapy. 

Vita10 is my local favorite. 

19. Grounding

For Real

It is real, but it is also an extremely organic thing our bodies crave: being outside, toes in the grass and laying on a blanket in the park on sunny day. Walking barefoot in sand…

It’s simple, don’t be inside all the time especially if your body is trying to heal from a traumatic injury. Go to the beach and walk in the sand to get your balance and brain and body signals back running.

20. KETO

Fake and Fad

More food restrictions + time = canabalization of bone and organs shrink

INSTEAD: #4 Solution

21. Cold Plunge

Fake and Fad

This turns off your thermoreceptors. You are one plunge away from turning off body mechanics.

This is how you go into Fight or Flight.

If you can not walk outside naked in 0 degree weather and stay there for 5 minutes…then why would you do it for a minute?

“But it feels so good.” So does cutting yourself or being punched in the face. It’s thrilling. But do not do it.

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

22. Eating Poop

Fake and Fad!

Urine is blood, poop is even more pure blood. We are not meant to eat blood. Eating poop is extracting blood and eating it. We are not meant to have blood in our intestines and in our mouth because it does not mix well with the fluids inside from mouth to anus.

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

23. Carnivore Diet

Fake and Fad!

Shrinking list of what you eat + time = shrinking the rebuilding cells

The brain is greedy so it will take the bone away if there is not breakfast, lunch and dinner. It does not take much for your body to start eating away bone to keep you alive.

INSTEAD: Any and all Solutions

24. Castor Oil

For Real!

Google any way to use castor oil. It’s awesome stuff.
(Uses for castor oil for fertility, PCOS, tumors, heavy periods, enlarged prostate, kidney stones, torn muscles, abdominal rectus diastis coming soon!)

25. Sleep 8 to 9 hours a night

For Real!

Yes. We need all the sleep during the night. Staying up late or staying up once you randomly wake up at 1 or 2am…creates incorrect body signals. Mood swings are the result of a lack of sleep.

26. Yoga

Fake and Fad

This segment is only for Christians. If you are not a Christian, then please skip this section.

Yoga means “yoked” and each pose wasdesigned and originated to serve Hindu gods which is serving satan. It was created to do that. period. Ask a yogi – who do you serve? And if they get fidgety and don’t say God Jesus the Lord of all Creation…then you know the answer is Satan.

Christians are created to fill their minds with the Word of God, not positive thoughts, platittudes or mantras. 

Why Yoga is Bad For You

INSTEAD: #4 Solution

27. Probiotics

Fake and Fad

The fastest way to repair microbiome is by eating food and drinking water. Variety is key.

More food restrictions + time = weak immune system

Priobiotics also can make things worse depending on the company that creates them. Do they have fillers? 

INSTEAD: #3 & #4 Solution

28. No Sugar

Fake and Fad

Synthetic and processed sugar isn’t real sugar.

Less variety of food + time = imblance

Real sugar is good for us. Even the Bible says to add honey in your butter on toast.

Everything turns into sugar once you digest it. The question is if your body can digest it. The closer it is to food, the answer is yes. If you have allergies or need help not breaking out like I did with anything with yeast, gluten and sugar…come on in. 

INSTEAD: #3, #4 & #6 Solution

29. Removal of Glands, Organs and Lymph nodes to "Play it Safe"

Fake and Fad

Lymph nodes are to address issues. 

There is a higher rate currently of people being told they need to take out glands and organs due to vaccin injury or being shed on by the vaccine over and over creating internal growth of “calamari like substances” around organs. More on vaccines here.

Tumors, strokes and closed in vessels have occured more and more the last 2 years due to the restrictions of blood flow from vaccines.

Removing things from the body does not resolve the issue. 
Already removed an organ or gland? Come see me to remove scar tissue from surgery and grow back lymph nodes.

INSTEAD: #6 Solution

Have any new tools or fads you’d like to hear about?
Text me new topics (214)810-6624


1. Stretch

Twist and Shout
(Download App for Stretches)

One Time purchase of 14.99

2. Walk

20 minute walk a day.

The action of each step creates friction (heat) from heal strike to calf, through quad, through abdomen into sternum out the top of head. It is your massage away from a therapist.

It’s amazing what a 20 minute walk can do to clear the lymphatic system, spinal fluid, and brain waste. Recite or listen to Philippians 4 while you walk.

3. Gallon of Water a Day

Yes. This is repeated a lot. Water is free. So I’m thrilled to repeat it as it is the top 2 requirements for us to heal. Muscles require hydration to do the whole ADP ATP exchange. This helps dispose fibers from toxic chemicals restoring posture.

Ozonate your water with Ozone generator:

Why A Gallon of Water A Day?

4. Make More Blood

Putting is Simply: Eat 3 Meals a day with variety including a meat, fat, grain, fruit and veggies for every meal. Add spices!

How to Make More Blood (Details)

5. Vitamin D

True non-synthetic lard, fat and oil is the “love that covers a multitude of sins.”

Buy Fish Eggs Here (High in Vitamin D) Take 3 in the AM and 3 in the PM for 3 months and then switch to 3 a day for just living in this synthetic world. Vitamin helps dispose the junk faster!

More on Vitamin D

6. Bodywork (3-6 sessions)

If none of the solutions above helped, come in for 3-6 sessions to address the real issue: Muscle problems. Since muscles are king, they must be addressed.

Book online or Text or call to book (214)8106624