Updated March 22, 2023

Vaccination Information

The vaccine is a lipid nano particle capsule mRNA frequency code generated by the Chinese through gain of function in the U.S. for one of the spikes in the Covid Virus. The fake lipid capsule is not digestible so it causes damage to epithelial linings (pictures below). The spike protein code is not a brain and body connection because it is an endocrine disrupter. The liver, heart, thymus and sex organs are responding to error messages caused by the fake mRNA causing a cascade of the immune system at the individual persons weakest area.

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Common Questions:

What is in the Vaccine?

They now have ALL the ingredients in the Vaccine explained by a 3rd party:

Laymen’s Terms: What is the Vaccine Doing?

LAYMEN'S TERMS: What is the Vaccine doing Inside of Me?

Just like a house and the electricy that runs through it, so is your heart.

Electrical wiring installation small house || home wiring basics - YouTube

You have the pole outside the house and the wires inside the house. You have wires in the house connecting to the breaker. Sometimes it turns on and sometimes it turns off. Sometimes it is not connected to the outlets. You may have to switch the breaker and sometimes fixing the circuit you get shocked.circulatory system

Your heart has an electric system and a pumping mechanism coming in and out in a very planned way. The vaccine sufficates organs and promotes failure. If you have the slightest bit of scaring or what embalmers explain as new phenomina pathology of fibrous “calamari” substance in any part, such as: sac, vagus nerve, diaphragm, Thymus, Liver, Kidneys, arteries to and from the heart you will have damage.

If not addressed, in what doctors are saying now “it is too late to diagnose for a heart malfunction” if you are dead.
(Sources explaining mycarditis or pericarditis: CDC, cardiovascular system or Kreb cycle.)

What is the Vaccine doing?

How the Vaccine was Manufactured

Gerard Rennick | LNP - Detailed Explanation

Reproductive Damage
Understanding Spike Protien Damage (Article)

What is mRNA?

mRNA is formed with aborted fetus tissue. This is the reason you can get a “Religious Exempt.” Many religious groups do not believe this is morally right.

mRNA - Digitial Sequence of Virus + Human Tissue

Human Cells in Mice?

Are you Vaccine Injured? 

Below are pictures of the damage to epithelial linings of arteries and veins from embalmers.
Many victims of vaccine injury have reported:
1. Hormone Imbalance
2. Shorteness of breath
3. Heart Palpations
4. Chronic Fatigue
5. Brain Fog
6. Numbness in Hands and Feet
7. Sharp Abdominal Pains
8. Sleeplessness
9. Increase Anxiety
10. Unexplained Illness
11. Lowered Libido
12. POTS
13. Turbo Cancers
14. Unexplained Autoimmune Disease
15. Loss of Balance
16. Random ER visits for Pain in Intestines, Appendix, Liver
17. Long COVID symptoms
18. Miscarriages
19. Missed Periods
20. Unexplained Swelling in genitals, ovaries and prostate

What Embalmers Are Reporting


Most Recent Data of Vaccine Injury

Most Recent Data of Excess Deaths

Excess Deaths 2023
Parliamentary speech on excess deaths

Doctors, TGA Reports & Pfizer Documents

Dr. Clare E. H. Craig (Book)

Have you ever felt the covid story did not entirely add up? Expired contains multiple eye-opening revelations about covid with compelling evidence that provides a coherent, sober and clear explanation that better fits the data we have so far.

Meticulous research by pathologist Dr Clare Craig sheds light on the largely overlooked evidence of airborne virus transmission, examining twelve related beliefs on spread, lockdowns, asymptomatic infections, and masks. In addition, Expired champions the importance of Western ethical principles, damaged by pandemic actions and calls for their restoration.

The covid debate has proved incredibly polarising. One side believed every intervention was saving lives, while the other emphasised the harms caused. Biased modelling based on a worst case scenario led to fearful assumptions presented as fact. By dint of sheer repetition these ‘facts’ became unquestionable. Those scientists who dared to question were proclaimed dangerous. Welcome to Cloud-Covid-Land.

Let’s bring back nuance. It’s time to return to reality


(Interview with Dr Clare Craig)
TGA Reports on Adverse Reactions

What Does Pfizer Say About the Vaccine Adverse Effects?

Review of Pfizer Documents

 Case Studies of Vaccination Injuries

Reactivates Cancer

Cancer Reactivation After Vaccine

Healthy, Active People Vaccine Injured

Mel (Surfer to Wheelchair)

Kyle (Pro Athlete Injured)

Heart, Diet and Joint Issues

Adam (Anxiety, Heart Pounding, Dizziness, Feet & Hand Numbness)

Heart Side Effects

"Dramatically Increase Inflammation"

Chest Pain

Myocarditis Data From Korea

Death & Pathology Findings

Lisa (Died from Thrombotic Thromocytopenia)

76 Year Old Died (Vaccine Brain Damage Injury)

Not Blood Clots

Biopsy from living patient, 8 months post vaccine

POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)

POTS (1 in 3 Americans Suffer)

Common Symptoms: Dizziness, Fainting, Brain Fog, Fatique, Heart Palpitations

Reproductive Side Effects

Unexpected vaginal bleeding and COVID-19 vaccination in nonmenstruating women

article: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37738335

Menstrual abnormalities after COVID-19 vaccines: A systematic review

Article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9294036/

Infertility & Reproductive Damage

The reproductive systems of both women and men are protected by a five endothelial blood-tissues barriers :

in Women:

the blood-follicle barrier (BFB) protects developing follicles in the ovary: it is thus fundamental to woman fertility

the blood-placenta barrier (BPB) feeds and protects the growing foetus; it needs to adapt as the placenta expands simultaneously with the foetus

the blood-milk barrier (BMB) protects the baby’s good health by controlling the quality of the milk supplied

in Men:

the blood-testis barrier (BTB) and the blood-epididymal barrier (BEB) protects the sperm notably from the immune system

While it will take time to account for the true damage done to population fertility by these vaccines and their attacks on endothelial barriers, one can only be horrified to admit that already today in the US:

Source: https://covidmythbuster.substack.com/i/52848596/damaging-blood-to-tissue-barriers-has-necessarily-serious-reproductive-consequences

Damage to Placenta, Offspring and Development
“I’ve seen many, many, many complications in pregnant women, in moms and in foetuses, in children, offspring, foetal death, miscarriage, death of the foetus inside the mom.”
Dr. James Thorp, MD board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Considering that the placenta acts both as a hospitable feeding cocoon to the baby-to-be-born as well as an adaptive protection, it is quite obvious that a pregnant woman should never be vaccinated given the possible nefarious consequences of vaccine endothelial transfection2

During the whole pregnancy, the placenta expands with the foetus, a nourishing infrastructure of blood vessels progressively growing and adapting to accompany the baby’s own accelerated growth. We know for a fact that these vaccines can disrupt not only the protection of the Blood-Placenta Barrier, but also the blood flow through clotting of the placental vasculature !

Direct Quote from Source: https://covidmythbuster.substack.com/i/52848596/why-vaccinating-pregnant-women-can-be-dangerous-to-the-foetus

Forums Held for Vaccine Injuries

Sen. Ron Johnson holds forum (Mulitiple Vaccine Injuries)

Sen. Ron Johnson holds forum (Doctors Opinions)

Senator Scott Jensen talks COVID-19 reporting

Mask Information

Masks in Hospitals, Don't Work

Idaho (Banned Mandates)

Senate Bill 1130 sponsor Sen. Ben Adams, R-Nampa, said the legislation would ensure employers can’t mandate coronavirus vaccines in the future.

Read more at: https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article274079735.html#storylink=cpy


Florida (Banned Mandates)

Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis has announced a proposal to permanently ban Covid mandates in the state.



England (Limiting Vaccination campaign to 50s and under)

Swiss (Does Not Recommend Vaccination/Boosters)

Sweden (Never Locked Down)

Sources & Documents:

Doctors and Lawyers Sign Urgent Letter to Parliament

Signed Letter by Doctors & Lawyers to Parliament



Solution for Vaccine Injury

1. Detox Vaccine (5 Sessions)

Treatment is 5 sessions. We use our tools to jumpstart your lymph system and immune system to purge the spike protein for total body healing.

Option 1 Schedule (Slow Track)

One session a week for 5 weeks in a row.

Option 2 Schedule (Fast Track)

Session 1: Start on Monday
Session 2: Tuesday
Session 3: Thursday
Session 4: Saturday
Session 5: Monday


Session 1: Start on Friday
Session 2: Saturday
Session 3: Monday
Session 4: Wednesday
Session 5: Friday

Book “Detox” or call or ask Questions: (214) 810-6624

2. Watch How The COVID Vaccine Purges From Body

3. Understand Immune System & Natural Boosters

Treatment FAQ

Why can't you perform treatment as a licensed massage therapist on vaccinated people with out detoxing the vaccine first?

Why can’t you perform treatment as a licensed massage therapist on vaccinated people with out detoxing the vaccine first?
Massage (outside stress) with certain medications (inside stress) is a contraindication for massage Internationally. 

When I went to MD Anderson for oncology massage training, we learned cancer does not give you heart attacks, however, if the client is on treatment or medications (inside pressure) the massage (outside pressure) can cause heart or other organs to fail or implode. This is why your massage therapist should ask on a regular basis if you have added any filler supplements, vaccines, antibiotics (steroids), medications or over the counter drugs. Therefore, detoxing the vaccine is the first step in order for your body to properly heal, it must purge the frequency code or in layman’s terms – reboot the “breaker.”

A picture of epithelial tissue sufficating organs, veins, arteries, and tissue by killing the vaccine injury:

My doctor and scans do not see vaccine injury, could you still massage?

My doctor and scans do not see vaccine injury, could you still massage?

Because the vaccine is a frequency code you can’t scan it. You can palpate adhesions, lumps or the “calamari” like substance that prevents blood flow to organs which results to malfunction. This is why we are seeing more surgeries, infertility, and miscarriages with those who are vaccinated.

If you are under the care of a doctor, physical therapist, or massage therapist… take responsibility of your own healthplease ask more questions on what their treatment or lack of treatment is doing to your organs in conjunction to these CDC “considerations”: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/clinical-considerations/myocarditis.html

Have I nudged emotionally through media and doctors to choose medical intervention?

Have I been nudged emotionally through media and doctors to choose medical intervention?

If you can’t run through the mulitiplication table right now starting with 1 x 1=1 and work up to 10 x 1=10 you are emotionally driven and in fight or flight. This is a test if you are in logic realm or emotional realm.

Watch video to understand more:

How do you know if you have vaccine damage?

How do you know if you have vaccine damage?
Since the vaccine is a bioweapon with a code frequency the body does not recognize it as it is not scannable through blood work, MRI or heart check ups unless it is an autopsy or a skilled therapist or doctor who can palpate scar tissue or weak muscles around vital organs. This weakness around organs is the reason for miscarriages, skipped periods, heart murmurs, losing color in skin, chronic fatigue,  joint pain, poor sleep, losing feeling in hands or feet or can’t heal from a surgery like usual.

Here are some things to look ask:

1. Do you feel a “wooshing” of blood in your heart chamber?
2. Palpate your muscles surrounding organs – does it feel hard or restricted?
3. How long does it take to slowly blow up a balloon until you have to breath in again? Less than 10-15 seconds?
4. Are your feet cold all the time or do they have inconsistent warmth?
5. Do you have chronic fatigue or unmotivation?
6. Do you have joint pain, hard time recovering from surgery, tumors, joint pain (POTS), numbness, tingling, recently diagnosed with diabetes, miscarriages, cycsts, or turbo cancer?
7. Are your oxygen levels low?
8. Are you skipping periods?
9. Is it hard to sleep?
10. Recently been diagnosed diabetes or glucose emblanace?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions if would be good to get the vaccine detoxed from the lymph system and/or at least come in for a consulation. Call for questions: (214) 810-6624 or skip to the detox vaccination part of this page.


Can I have these symptoms with out the vaccine?

Can I have these symptoms with out the vaccine?
Yes, the medical term is called “shed” or exposed. Shedding by the vaccine is not the same as getting the vaccine. However, since it is an STD, it can be transfered and endocrine distruptor, it can still cause a lot of damage to organs and create the above symptoms.

To explain shedding, it is a common occurance in the medical field. Surgeons wear gloves and white gowns, detectives where has mat suits around Fetnyl or even why people smell like the person they just hugged all day. We absorb everything we touch or live around. This is why military vets are getting compensated for health issues from 30 to 50 years ago of just being around the burn pit. Shedding is real.

If you haven’t been vaccinated and you live or hang with someone who is vaccinated, chances are you’ve been “shed” on. Instead of the full 5 sessions to detox the vaccine, people who did not get vaccines would need anywhere between 1-5 sessions. Depends on how systemic the vaccine dug into tissues and the health of the client. Call for questions on detoxing: (214) 810-6624 or skip to the detox vaccination part of this page.