“I Did Not Know That”

The Best Workout in the Entire World

If you can control your 4 quadrants of your core by engaging each quadrant separately for 3 seconds each, you are strong and using your max strength through out the day.  Inner strength is when one has enough energy to serve those in need.

A Client Story

I had a client come in one day who asked if I could make them lose weight and get stronger. I asked for clarification because they didn’t have weight to lose.

Client: I want to be fit.
Me: To do what?

Client: I want to be able to help people if I need too.
Me: Help them do what?

Client: You know…with anything. Like picking up a couch or helping someone move with out hurting my back.
Me: Oh! So you want more inner strength where you have more energy for longer?

Client: Kind of. Like…be stronger.
Me: Oh okay. Eating 3 meals a day and a gallon of water a day makes people have enough strength for few hours. Taking a swig of molasses before you help them move and a swig after you help them move will increase your blood supply. You won’t have a crash afterwards because it is full of Iron, Potassium and Magnesium. Muscles love that stuff!

Client: Okay. That’s good to know, but what about…

20 minutes later…

Client: Okay. Fine! I want to look like Brad Pitt.

(We both burst out laughing.)

Me: Oh I can’t help you with that. You’ll never be Brad Pitt.
(We both laugh and then the client got serious.)
Client: Really?

I tell you this story, because being strong and looking “strong” are not the same. Have you seen the strongest man in the world competitions? They are no Brad Pitt.

Anyone can look like they have zero body fat and buldging muscles, but that person would lose to a competetion of holding a broom above their head for longer than someone who eats 3 meals a day, hydrated and sleeps well.

These bodies are usually the last bodies to ask to help you and follow through with their committment to help you move. And if they do show up, they’re tired and end early. Don’t shame them, they just are tired and worn out because they don’t have true strength.

Here is the true test: If you can control your 4 quadrants of your core, you are strong and using your max strength.

If you disagree please ignore this page. We are not foundational talking about the same thing. Strength is not a looks thing, it’s a inner strength that has enough energy to serve those in need.

Recommended Weekly Activity:

Stretch For Sports App

“I feel old” or “Man, I can’t do what I used to do.” Age is a factor of two things: Dehydration and repetitive motion.

I noticed clients who mentioned their muscles are weak or not strong often have something in common: muscle fatigue from repetitive motion.

No matter what strength and conditioning activity you do, fascia (the coating around muscle) is bloodless due to wear and tear.

Fascia does not care what exercise program you are on, if it is starving from food and water and liesure walks…it will get more stuck and more weak. Try stretches that push blood into the muscles to heal and strengthen on the app.

Go to > Online Assessment > Sports Stretches


Weight Lifting Program: Body By Science

Body by Science: A Research Based Program to Get the Results You Want in 12 Minutes a Week

Book by Doug McGuff and John Little

Things that Harm Body Strength

1. Yoga

Yoga poses create Diastasis Recti.

It doesn’t matter how athletic, Christian, Catholic or “Baptisty” you are Yoga poses cause weakness in your systems and the musclar ribbon that run through your body get depleted of nutrients.

Why Yoga is Bad For You

2. Not Understanding Lipidema vs. Fat

Here is a whole page on explaining the difference between lipidema vs. fat:

How to Lose Weight

3. Stress

I’ll just send you to the full length page explaining chemicals released during stress and how we can become addicted to it accidentally.

Here’s the page: Stressed


What is your goal?

Homeostasis or Brad Pitt goal?

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