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General Therapeutic Massage Therapy

This treatment is called Posture Structural Integration Massage or in other words decrease or completely diminish pain and improving quality of life, mood and sleep.

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Specific Injury Massage Therapy

Great for smoother recovery from car accidents, post-surgery or symptoms of old injuries.

Postpartum Massage Therapy

It takes around 2 years to recover hormones after giving birth. Our therapy and tools can help this ease this process back to feeling stronger and less worn out.

Prenatal Massage Therapy

Regardless if you are 40 weeks out or days away, we can help enhance your posture for smoother labor & delivery along with providing pain managment tips.

Infant Massage Therapy

(0-1 year old)
This treatment helps development in skeletal and muscular growth as well as aid in less sick days, better digestion, and better quality of life (sleep, mood etc.).

Children Massage Therapy

(0-12 year old)
This treatment helps development in skeletal and muscular growth as well as aid in less sick days, better digestion, and better quality of life (sleep, mood etc.).

Fertility Massage Therapy

Muscles are king. If the reproductive system surrounding muscles are blocked with the no signals mechanically or chemically, we can help the muscles gain back control of their normal function.

1st time appointment involves attendance of both spouses. 1st time involves biodfeeback scan and homework to do at home before starting bodywork.


Oncology Massage Therapy

After getting certified at MdAnderson, there are many ways to treat cancer. Today, there is a rise in treating cancer through bodywork, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, food, hydration and bodywork.

Cancer is an inside wound. It involves parasites, bacteria, fungus/mold and/or virus. MdAnderson research has found the correlation of antibiotics killing cancers, such as diverticulitis gone wrong or a lymph node swollen such as a milk duct from an infection mutating. This is why the focus must be to build your body up.

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Detox Therapy

Mold exposure? Heavy Metal poisoning? Vaccine injured? Wanting to detox bad side effects from medications? This treatment is a great for cleaning out toxins and resetting your body to feel less run down from chemicals.

Vaccine Information
Heavy Metals
Military Care: Burn Pit

Allergy Relief

Eliminate antihistamine response to seasonal allergies and encourage blood flow for brain and body connection to aid in cleaning out sinus cavities.

Biofeedback Scan (ZYTO Scan)

30 – 45 minute session to assess on how to resolve the issue. We will perform a biofeedback scan, posture assessment, palpate and perform range of motion.

If you are unsure what you need and have more questions please do not hesitate to call (214)8106624.

Walk easier.
Think clearer.
Breathe deeper.

How We Do It

We May Use Any of These Tools In a Session

Postural Integration Massage Therapy

Through specific passive stretch and muscle manipulation has been proven to help decrease or completely diminish pain, aches or tension.

Infrared Light

Want to feel less depressed? Not getting vitamin D?
We will use this during the session if your skin needs help assimilating. This will promote “Rest and Digest” where the body can heal.

Zyto Scan

A ZYTO scanner is a device used to perform a bio-investigation of the human body in a process known as bio-communication.

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Ozone Therapy

We do nasal, ear, limbs and full body ozone treatments to fight off disease, kill germs and boost immune system.

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Therapy that involves the application of  nerve stimulation through the feet. This technique aids in brain and body connection, which has been proven to help total body healing or the specific areas of pain, aches or tension.


We use this tool to increase blood flow and ignite your brain to connect with the “dead” party of your body. Get rid of stuck, tight or painful areas of your body. This is more powerful than a TENS unit.

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

This is an electronic instramentation that aids in improving general circulation and helps with management of interstitial fluid, using vibration of light and sound to decongest lymphatic tissue.

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Gait Therapy

Our health requires a certain pressure through out our bodies. When we strike our heal first and roll of our toes this is the pressure we need to encourage cleaning our lymph system. We must walk everyday if we are able!


Either passively or actively, stretch is the fastest pain reliever in the world as it pumps blood in the belly of the muscle forcing waste out that increases range of motion and ultimiately healing the tissue.

Sleep deeper.
Focus better.
Recall quicker.