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What We Do

Our Services

Therapeutic Bodywork

This treatment is aimed to decrease or completely diminish pain and improving quality of life, mood and sleep.

Specific Injury

Great for smoother recovery from car accidents, post-surgery or symptoms of old injuries.

Detox Therapy

This treatment is a great for cleaning out toxins and resetting your body to feel less run down and free from energy zapping chemicals through the lymphatic system.

Allergy Relief

Eliminate antihistamine response to seasonal allergies and encourage blood flow to the head to aid in cleaning out sinus cavities.

Prenatal Therapy

Regardless if you are 40 weeks out or days away, we can help enhance your posture for smoother labor & delivery along with providing pain managment tips.

Boost Immune System

Enjoy less sick days and faster recovery when you do feel sick. Boost your body to help kill off disease, headaches, colds, sinus/ear infections, throat soreness and stomach bugs.


It takes around 2 years to recover hormones after giving birth. Our therapy and tools can help this ease this process back to feeling stronger and less worn out.

Infant/Children Bodywork

This treatment helps development in skeletal and muscular growth as well as aid in less sick days, better digestion, and better quality of life (sleep, mood etc.).

Walk easier.
Think clearer.
Breathe deeper.

How We Do It

Postural Structural Integration

Through specific passive stretch and muscle manipulation has been proven to help decrease or completely diminish pain, aches or tension.

Ozone Therapy

We do nasal, ear, limbs and full body ozone treatments to fight off disease, kill germs and boost immune system.

Infrared Light

Want to feel less depressed? Not getting vitamin D? Come in for a session or add it to your massage to get that hit of energy and relaxation all in one.


Therapy that involves the application of  nerve stimulation through the feet. This technique aids in brain and body connection, which has been proven to help total body healing or the specific areas of pain, aches or tension.


Increase blood flow and ignite your brain to connect with the “dead” party of your body. Get rid of sticky (Carbon Dioxide filled) or painful areas of your body.


Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (Coming Soon!)

This is an electronic instramentation that aids in improving general circulation and helps with management of interstitial fluid. The system uses the vibration of light and sound to decongest lymphatic tissue and restores better health within a few sessions.

Sleep deeper.
Focus better.
Recall quicker.

Wellness Tools