Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

LET – Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

1 LET session = 8 lymph massages 

What would take eight manual lymphatic massage sessions would take one Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET) session.

What are some benefits of Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy?

LET can aid in body detoxification, pain and swelling with new or old injuries, pre- and post-surgery, edema and lymphedema, relaxation therapy for mental clearing, fibrocystic breasts, fatigue, chronic joint pain, sinus problems, mental clarity, etc.

Please note that LET is not a method of treatment. It aids the body to generate its own healing process.

What is Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy?

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, or LET, is a system of electronic instrumentation that aids in improving general circulation and helps with management of interstitial fluid. The system uses the vibration of light and sound to decongest lymphatic tissue.

LET is non-invasive and is a gentle detoxification therapy. It can improve and restore lymphatic integrity, flow and function. LET encourages toxins, excess fluid and cellular waste to safely exit through the body’s natural elimination channels. When combined with proper nutrition and moderate exercise, LET increases an overall feeling of well-being and can help restore your lymphatic system to better health within a few sessions.

What is the importance of the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system cleanses cells throughout the body. It is the pathway in which metabolic waste, inflammatory agents, dead cell particles, large proteins, fat molecules and excessive toxins are removed. It acts as the body’s sewer system. The lymphatic system also plays a vital role in maintaining healthy immunity.

Prepare for LET Session

Drinking adequate amounts of water is recommended to assist in the cleansing process. Refrain from applying any lotions, oils, creams or perfumes to the body prior to your session. Please bring or wear loose, athletic shorts.

What is Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy is NOT

What LET is Not

Our LET devices effectively use subtle energy technologies including EEF, sonic and acoustic waves and harmonics. See technical section below.

      • LET is not ultrasound
      • LET is not a Rife Machine or a PEMF Machine
      • It is not a standard electro-modality like neuro-muscular or electro-muscle stimulation
      • LET is not “electro-lymphatic drainage or ELT.”
      • ‘Lymphatic Therapy’ refers to multiple types of treatments around the world

Is LET for Me?

The LET treatment is for people who are very ill, or chronically in pain and need to cleanse out their lymph system. If you are on steroids, prescription drugs, supplements that are not made up of food alone, medications, hormone therapy, COVID vaccinations in the past 10 years please call (214) 810-6624 to see if this treatment is best for you.

Clean out body trash.
Detox heavy toxins.

Lower edema.


LET – Cancer Prevention and Aid?

Breast Tissue Congestion

“Other than through the lymph system, breast tissue does not have a lot of ways to move fluid and toxins out,” says Nita Desai, MD, founder and director of East West Integrative Medicine, a holistic practice in Louisville, CO. Dr. Desai learned about LET at a conference last year and recently introduced the treatment into her practice. “The two things that help lymph flow are deep breathing and exercise—which a lot of women don’t do. Then, they put on underwire bras, which create more constriction and further stasis.” This may not seem medically significant. But consider that extracellular fluid in the breasts contains high hormone concentrations— and exogenous toxins.

“Breast tissue is like a sponge, holding all that fluid with all the hormones and toxins that are in the water. So if there’s no movement of fluid, the tissue gets exposed to higher levels for much longer periods,” Dr. Desai told Holistic Primary Care. Given what is known about the negative influence of estrogens and environmental toxins on breast cancer risk, this is an issue worthy of serious consideration. “I was interested to find ways to move fluid through the breast tissue, thinking it could help in preventing cancer. If you move the fluid out, you also move the hormones out.” While there are no studies to show that LET or any other lymph drainage technique definitively prevents breast cancer, it is reasonable to think that it could play a significant role in reducing risk. “It moves a LOT of fluid,” she explains. “Immediately after treatment, people feel like they have to urinate. You are getting rid of a lot of volume. You can watch someone’s thigh shrink up. It’s pretty dramatic. You can measure someone’s waist before treatment, then do the treatment and then measure again. Some of my patients have lost 2 inches!” The loss may not be permanent, but it does make people feel better and it certainly makes an impression. Patients should be counseled to drink a lot of water after treatment. “I am very excited about this therapy. I hope they do more research. There’s even a possibility that it might stimulate the lymph nodes to regrow after surgery. That’s wonderful. How are you supposed to prevent cancer recurrence when you’ve removed the system that’s going to help you detox?” Dr. Desai remarked. “If the research can be done, I believe this device has incredible potential.”

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Restore damaged skin.
Help diminish rashes.
Decrease infections.

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