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How to Clean a Dirty Womb

Here are 15 ways to clean the muscles surrounding your uterus for a healthy hormonal, mood, and less stressful reproductive expierence.

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1. Ozonate Your Water

Ozone Generator:

Ozonating your water is the best way to kill GMO, glysophate, natural flavors, viruses, bacteria, mold, parasites and other endocrine distruptors in our water and food! Your body will poop, sweat or pee out the gunk. (The body does this already, ozone just helps it.)

For a Gallon of water – turn it on for 20 minutes. It will turn off when it is done.

For half a gallon or less do 10 minutes.

2. Tip Toe Routine 1 (every month after period)

Tip Toe Routine 1 on Stretch App
Do routine once a day for 2 days in a row after period ends.

3. Castor Oil for Down There (video)

Revive Castor Oil (Amy’s choice):

Castor oil with zinc (less goopy and great for sunscreen):

Amazon Castor Oil:

Other products:
Internally soak castor oil in organic tampons:

Externally soak castor oil in organic pads:

Externally soak castor oil in organic cotton balls:

Video Explains Directions:
Vaginal Dryness, Vaginal Yeast Infections, Hemhroids, Heavy or light periods etc…vomiting, soreness…

4. Castor Oil small Tub with Zinc
5. Swap toxic products out! (Home Cleaning Kit)
6. Stop Masturbating

The pelvic muscles are not ment for homosexual actions nor masturbations actions. These set of practices restrict blood flow to the pelvic floor leading and the splitting of abdominal rectus. When there are tears and splitting and rough actions to the vagina or clitoris it will lead to numbness and more seperation of the liba alba as women were meant for one husband which is one penis in a marriage. Female and male bodies were meant to be shared between one partner for life, as this creates language and the mystery of God to unite them together in His way and timing to have full satisfaction. This is why men do not understand women and vice versus, because we are different and God rigged it so we can see His creation have the most pleasure on this planet as that is how He designed it. Masturbation is an impulse, not satisfation as endorphines are released which is different than when a spouse of female and male are having intercourse. The more we self-pleasure the more we miss out on true satisfaction and get addicted to dopamine instead of true service to a heterosexual spouse. 

For men, masturbation will cause damage in the lower spine, bladder and prostate due to the inccorect musclar position to masturbate with their own hands. Running from a bear and masturbating are not far from each other as it puts you in fight or flight and numbs body mechanics in general, making you weak to illness and more deception of a false fantasy. Homosexual penetration in the anus is also an impluse away from disease and ripping of muscles for system infection, not to mention absoultiy nothing should penetrate anyone’s anus. The anus is ment for one way direction of expelling human waste. No object, finger or penis should enter in the colon as it will have major illness to follow.

For women, the clitoris or vaginal masturabtion using objects or hands is not only unsanitary but extremely depressing to the immune system and automic system. The body does not understand the aggressive touch and is confused why the action is not a spouse’ penis penetrating with out your help. Your pelvis is bent and turned differently when being penetrated by a penis versus a toy from same sex or self pleasure. Both self orgasm or homosexual orgasm is just an impulse with no pleasure, but just an act of a quick dopamine dump.

For both female and male, going against God’s design of sexual intercourse is the fastest way to feel abused, used and degraded away from the original design. True pleasure must be occompanied by peace, therefore peace is only given from God through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and must be taken seriously to move away from these practices or the “due penalty” will take you seriously to the point of major illness or death. 

If you need help cleaning and clearing damage from any activity under the sun against God’s design, please reach out for some guidance to detox infections or STDs (214)810-6624 and learn other ways to cope in life (such as the next solution).

7. Clean your Brain & Pelvic Floor at the Same Time

20 minute hands free walk a day squeezes out uteran wall and massage ovaries. This clears spinal fluid waste from your brain and spine.

Read through the whole Bible in a year with the devo that connects spirutal, emotional and physical as you can follow along with stretches!

Book Here:


8. Get off Birth Control & Instead...

Birth control has synthetic endocrine distruptors. There are studies of them even making women get attracted to the same sex due to the distrupting of natural signals of a female.
Read on that here: Could your medication be making you gay?

Instead use Natural Ovulation Kit:

9. YarPom for Hormone Balance

Helps with libido, erections and mood swings.


10. Bath & Body

Epsom Salt:

Loofah Exfoliating Body Scrubber:

Best shampoo ever (Amy’s strong opinion):

11. Lard
12. Butter
13. Avoid Women's Porn

A woman’s porn is anything that makes you jealous, covet and want a life you do not have. Movies, social media or books that provoke feelings or passion interupt the natural chemistry rythm God created between your spouse.

Living in feelings = more illness. Truth or Logic and the Word of God anchors our thoughts and hormones to not spike random spurts of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone to follow the passionate fantasy regardless if its a sex scene or an idea or event.

Hollywood makes fake sex scenes. Screens does not understand the true pleasure,  joy and orgasm like God inteded it…The Bible has better explanation in Eccelesiastes and Song of Solomon. Read both together.

Any story line that that makes men look like a smelly rose and the hero and you come home to your husband who smells like grass and is brushing his teeth…and you are let down…whatever you watched is a lie. Again some women can watch these movies and not even think twice about it, other women may have a very low tolerance.

14. Check for Tongue Tie

They have correlated Trans behavior, autism and P.M.D.D. with tongue tie. If your musclar system is “anchored” incorrectly, it will cause neck, shoulder, diaphragm, hips and knee, ankle issues.

Thus, literally creating an unsafe home for your uterus and ovaries.

Solution: Laser water tongue tie release, also known as a Frenectomy.

In Denton, I recommend Dr. Patrick Ruehle. Him and his staff are amazing and make you feel comfortable. I should know – I got the procedure done at age 34 and it absolutely changed my life! Hormonally, sleep, focus, posture, periods etc. 

Here is my story and more information here:
Do I have a Tongue Tie?

15. Bodywork

If you are still having issues for any reason or after babies, contact me for post partum bodywork to clean and clear any waste and debri.
(214) 810-6624

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