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Oncology Therapy

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What is Cancer?

Cancer is when a parasite, bacteria, virus or mold turns takes over cells to form a hard capsule to stay growing. The capsule is what we call tumor.
90% infections are naturally destroyed by our immune system within 2 years.  

Why is Cancer Equated with Death? It shouldn't be...

Our days are numbered, with or without cancer.

If untreated, the cancer cells can damage the surrounding tissues, nerves and arteries. If the organisms spread throughout the body, the condition is termed systemic infection. Although this is a journey for the body to recover, it is more than willing to heal.

Death is never in the hands of any person’s will or doctor, but in the hands of God. The only wage for death is the wages of sin. Jesus is equated to salvation from eternal death as He wants all to believe so they may have everlasting life with Him. (John 3)

If you need spiritual support – see one of our non-profit friends, My Stronghold Ministry that serve the community through spiritual support. This was formed from my Dad’s 4th stage Melanoma Skin Cancer, spreading to 13 different sites in his body breaking bones. Doctor said he had days to live. However, God had a different plan than what the doctor said. This past August he has been 20+ years cancer free. It is a miracle.

If you are going through cancer or care taking, please reach out  for prayer and encouragement. Here is their website: My Stronghold Ministry.

Our days are numbered, with or without cancer. So the biggest question for you – where will you be in 200 years?
Call on God, for He wants no one to perish but to have a relationship with Him…forever: John 3 

How Our Body Kills Cancer

Watch Immune System Kill Cancer

Interview with Doctors on Natural Immunity

This video covers the power of the immune system in great detail developing a “shield” against virus in vaginal lining (mucus & T and B cells) where the benefits and risks must be reviewed.


1. Get 2 Standard Ozone IV

Before coming in, it is recommended to get two standard Ozone IV treatments. Do them 3 days apart with the second IV session 3 days before coming in for oncology bodywork. For example, receive Ozone IV on a Monday and Thursday and make an appointment the following Tuesday with us.

Check out our Ozone page for resources in Denton, TX or go straight to search Ozone IV in www.google.com in your area.

2. Calcifediol + Ivermectin (Cleveland and Mayo Clinic)

Ask you doctor to be prescribed to these two cancer killers:

1. Calcifediol


2. Ivermectin 

Cleveland and Mayo clinic prescribe these two things to kill cancer with their prescribed protocol.




3. Increase Blood Supply

Get variety of spices and food in you in ANY way you can.

My dad’s doctor said he wasn’t going to die from 4th stage melanoma skin cancer but starvation so they gave him an IV with good stuff in it. Ask your doctor! Don’t wait for any reason.

The best way to encourage a healthy recovery from cancer and/or cancer treatment is eating food. Please see “How to Make More Blood” to understand the foundation of healing. The fastest way to get depressed is by not eating. 

If eating is hard try number 4: Molasses and IV. 

4. Tablespoon of Molasses


Molasses is a great blood supply maker to help fight disease. Farmer’s give molasses to their anemic goats or horses. This is an old, ancient way of replenishing someone who is deficit in T-Cells and B-Cells, what kills disease.

Molasses Toast:
Try making toast with a little peanut butter and molasses and butter for taste. If chewing is difficult, try a smoothie with your favorite fruit and almonds or walnuts. Your body will love you for it! Yum!

Molasses Ice Cubes:
If your body can’t eat anything for whatever reason. Make molasses ice cubes. A little ozonated water and a little molasses in an ice tray. Swish it in your mouth.

If this is difficult, ask your doctor for an IV with viatmins and food drip or go to an IV lounge or call them in to get a meyers cocktail or ozone drip.

5. Thymus Pills

Thymus Pills:

This Thymus organ will boost the number of T-Cells and B-Cells (the fighting immune system killers shown in the video above killing cancer cells at a microscopic level.)

Take 2 a day until you feel stronger or for 2 weeks straight.

6. Gallon of Water a Day

This implies that you are able to eat three meals a day. The first half of the gallon cleans out waste and the second half of the gallon replenshes cell growth.

If you are having a hard time eating or drinking water. Just start small. Chew on ice all day especially if you are dizzy or naseous. Chewing on ice helps hydrate the head, glands and brain enough to go in the right direction to recover. The next step would be to use a straw to sip on water through out the day. Then of course getting to half a gallon and working up to a gallon.

It is a myth that a gallon of water is too much. Children should even work up to a gallon of water as soon as they can. The body will pee what it does not need and that is better than recycling old blood (urine).

7. Bodywork (6-12 Sessions)

The bodywork depends on the needs of the client such as, passive stretch, microcurrent or LET depending on your needs. In some cases we may not touch with out doctor’s approval.

8. Get Your Own Avazzia Micro current Device

You could keep coming to me for bodywork or just buy your own tool for home use to clean and clear muscles and lympatic.

Order Avazzia Here