Prenatal Boosters


10 Things for
Better Labor & Delivery

1. Eat 3 Meals a Day

Breakfast Before 10:00am
Lunch Before 2:00pm
Dinner Before 8:00pm

Brain loves variety! Our bodies are designed to eat and ENJOY variety of foods.

Get red meat at least twice a day.


One skipped meal slows the mitochondria in the cells to stop being active. Your body will start cannibalizing itself (bone). This triggers “Fight or Flight” and causes many health issues such as inflammation, digestive issues, mood swings, promote emotional highs and lows, afternoon crash, unmotivation, depression, low libido, and sleeplessness.

Our bodies are designed to eat and ENJOY variety of foods.

Your brain does not understand diets or restrictions from eating meals – it just requires blood (food is turned into blood) every 4 hours as our small intestines requires blood to absorb and excrete toxic chemicals. Your last meal will poop out the previous meal’s waste.

2. 1+ Gallon of Water a Day

H2o is the absolute formula needed to absorb and exrete the food you do eat.

Believe it or not our skin takes on more oxygen then breathing through our oral airway.

Ozonate your water. The third oxygen molecule attacks toxins inside your body that could be causing inflammation. You can purchase one here:

P.S. People who get “water toxicity” are not eating 3 meals a day.

3. 2 TBLS of Molasses a Day

Black strap Molasses is the best prenatal supplement out there.

Low in iron or have digestinal diabetes? Your liver, gallbladder and the bile exchange is off. It needs a little help!

Put it in your coffee, pancakes, exchange any sweatner for molasses, or make those gingerbread cookies with a little extra molasses. Recipe page.

4. FEM Supplement
Women who eat organs have stronger muscle fibers for easier delivery. Give your muscles the substance it needs. The muscles will do their God given role.

The direction of muscles and where they are attached were made too deliver babies!

5. Wear Loose Underwear & Clothes

Get rid of all underwear, bras and tight clothes including yoga pants.

Wear clothes that do not leave any marks when you take them off.

Summary: Stop sufficating yourself. ­čÖé

Best Women’s Underwear:

Best comfty non-toxic Diapers:


6. No Kale, Yeast, Odd Milks or Estrogen Filled Foods

No Kale:
Kale kills thyroid gland. Swap with spinach. No Estrogen producing foods such as: Soy, Tofu, Edamame,

Eat red meat every day, veggies and fruit.

No Yeast:
Yeast bloats our guts because it has mold in it.

Mold is dangerous if inhaled, or touched in a close proximity. Mold is everywhere, you can not prevent it. However, why create food like sourdough bread or bear that involves a wild mold collecting process to sit in your mucosoul lining. Speaking from experience, being in and out of IV therapy for a month and a half from Class II mold exposure, I recommend not digesting man made yeast bread on purpose. It might not mess with your stomach today, but after days or months of a continual yeast provoking diet, I recommend putting away the yeast factory jar and switching to other ways of making amazing bread that you can share with family and friends.

Make bread using almond flower (or a favorite nut flour) with water and arrowroot (anti-inflammatory).

Check out our recipe page for bread, pizza crusts etc. that keep you pooping and moving freely in the pelvic floor.

All through the Bible, God helps us live healthy by guiding us away from eating yeast. He didn’t create us to stay sick and unhealthy and want to feel like dying. He created us to have a relationship with us. It is hard to serve Him if we are constantly worried about our body or not feeling great. He gives us a way of escape from feeling crummy by recommending some lifestyle choices such as staying away from leaven. He even uses the symbol of leaven to describe a toxicity in the church that needs to be expelled.

Galatians 5; 1 Corinthians 5; Exodus 12; Leviticus 23; Matthew 13; Luke 13

Odd Milks
Most Almond milk has 5 nuts per a carton and water with fake sugar in it.

Most regular milks are processed with JUNK.

Estrogen Filled Foods:
Edemame, soy, tofu, lavender,

To find the best milk or other non-toxic foods download this free FlavCity app.
He looks at labels so you don’t have too!

7. Walk 20 Minutes A Day

The fastest way to prepare your body for delivering a baby is to walk 20 minutes a day. The set up muscles in the pelvic floor and diaphragm need the pressure from the ground – heal toe heal toe. Treadmills do not have the same effect.

8. Hokey Pokey & Stretch

That’s right. Grab the family members and do the hokey pokey every day. Shaking is the best way to open up your body to detox from waste build up or the sticky carbon dioxide areas of your muscles. This waste can create a heavy or pulling sensation.

On the stretch app do
“Stretch for Pregnancy”

These stretches are designed to make the muscles bloody enough so you will not rip or tear or have a “forever” labor and delivery.

Here is the app:

9. Husband Role

The husband is very important during pregnancy and delivery. His touch, logical words and presence stabalize stress hormones and increase the correct release of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.

Women, do not turn away from anything He provides because our body’s crave the things that God provides (Ezekial 27-28; 1 Timothy 4). One thing God has provided is your husband.

Feel alone? Please note that man does not speak woman. Woman does not speak man. God created man and woman different. If there is dissonance between you both, call out to God and He will form the bridge for you and your husband to be on the same page. Not my idea – see 1 Corinthians 1-2.

Need more uplifting thoughts? Try the devo.

10. Prenatal Bodywork

2 Reasons to get weekly or biweekly bodywork during pregnancy:

1. You are growing fast!
Your body is stretching laterally, pulling all the organs out. Women are created to have babies so the muscles know what they are doing.

2. Help your brain accept you are pregnant.
If you are feeling unmotivated, you need a jumpstart of passive stretch where the therapist stretches for you.

There is nothing worse than having someone tell you to “Get going, pregos.” or “C’mon! you’re having a baby – get with it! Go be active.” BUT you “feel like you can’t” or “Not sure if you’re ready for a baby.”

This is a result of your brain not realizing yet that you are indeed growing a baby! No matter the circumstances, growing a baby is an amazing act of God, the brain just needs to get on board. Do to the “I can’t” message the brain thinks, the body increases too much estrogen or too much testerone based on the woman’s stress level. For example, if a woman does intense exercise she will have too much testerone and if the woman has too much estrogen, she will be easily sensitive or stand offish or “not all there” some might say detattched with a “lazy heart.”

Come in and we can help balance those hormones. After your body understands it just needed a little help with range of motion…it knew it “Always Could!”

3. Stop the Toxic Thinking Physically
Psalm 139

The moment we joke or dislike something about our bodies, we go into “Fight or Flight” and grieve the Holy Spirit, our Creator.

Once this becomes a daily habit, we scar on a micro level in the brain and create small “scar tissue” legs or tendrils through our brains, restricting blood and oxygen which promotes more toxic thinking.

If you have an issue with toxic thinking book an appointment and we can clear out toxicity from rain and body through muscle manipulation and other tools we have.

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