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10 Reasons to Drink
a Gallon of Water a Day

As soon as you are born, water should be introduced. Work up to a gallon of water a day as you age from baby to toddler. Each person is different as their amount of blood they make (eating food) requires the same amount of water.  You must drink water to eat food (make blood) and eat food (make blood) to drink water.  The people who get “water toxicity” are people who don’t eat food or that one frat guy who died from drinking a whole gallon in 5 minutes for a hazing event…. So, eat food and don’t hang out with bullies.

Kids need a gallon of water a day more than anyone as they are growing so fast. They are collecting waste that needs to pee, poop and sweat out. Then they need 3 meals a day (snacks do not count) to refill their blood supply to grow and strengthen their bones, hormones, tissues, organs and cells of their gender specific cell structure.

Here are the reasons we should not be shy to getting to a gallon of water a day as soon as possible:

1. Kidneys Need Help Filtering 50 Gallons of Blood a Day

2. Your Liver, Small Intestines & Nephron Need Help

3. Regulates Blood Pressure

4. Detoxes Random Chemicals

“If for any reason the kidneys over-secrete renin blood pressure will be raised. An abnormally high BP is termed hypertension. Renin excess probably explains most cases of chronic hypertension. You may have come across ACE inhibiting drugs; these inhibit ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) and so inhibit the conversion of angiotensin I into angiotensin II. If there is less angiotensin II there will be less vasoconstriction and less secretion of aldosterone and so blood pressure will be lowered.” – Dr. Cambell

This is why 3 meals a day (with meat, veggies, fruit and grain and fat) around the same time with a gallon of water regulate blood pressure. See Homeostasis Checklist for details on regular food and water intake is vital to regulating blood pressure.

Fats help regulate as well such as, Fish Eggs (Vitamin D).

5. Antidiuretic Hormones (ADH) Need Help


6. Bladder Control

Water balances the absorption rate. If you pee too much or pee too little or don’t pee consistently. The bladder is held up by muscles and needs the bloody, hydrated muscles to close and open and excrete accordingly.

Clip of Real Bladder:

Detailed explanation:

7. Your Blood Pressure Needs Help

8. Reduce Wrinkles (Stretch Receptors will Heal)

9. Decrease Heart Palpations

All waste goes through the heart and pumps out oxygenated (ozonated) blood. Hydration helps the amount of waste in your body and will increase the ability to get rid of it in a slower way instead of a “THUMP THUMP” way. When the heart cleans the blood and there is too much waste the heart will flutter because it has a large amount to clean.

More on the musclar system needing water to hydrate it’s functions:

10. Your Colon, Small Intestines & Large Intestines Will Thank You

Drinking just half a gallon or less will leave your Appendix in a desperate state. It holds the left over material that your small intestine didn’t absorb. Water helps break down and absorb the food you eat, which makes your colon super happy and flowy.




If you are dehydrated…you will not be able to do this well:


I recommend getting a bottle with a straw to make it fun for you brain as a reward through out the hour to take a sip. Sips are fun for your brain and encourage facial muscles to engage creating pressure for sinus, throat and nasal passage ways.

1 gallon = 128 ounces. Half cleans out waste, the other half replenishes the body.

Ozonate Your Water

Ozonating your water is the best way to kill GMO, glysophate, natural flavors, viruses, bacteria, mold, parasites and other endocrine distruptors in our water and food! Your body will poop, sweat or pee out the gunk. (The body does this already, ozone just helps it.)

For a Gallon of water – turn it on for 20 minutes. It will turn off when it is done.

For half a gallon or less do 10 minutes.

Drink 16 (8 Ounce Cups)

Sip on:
8 cups before 12:00pm
8 cups in before 9:00pm

Eat 3 meals a day.

You will have to work up to this if you’re not eating all meals and all water. Mental illness, shallow sleeping, depression and hormone imbalance is a result of a lack of blood (food & water).

Drink 10.6 (12 Ounce Bottle)

Sip on:
5.3 Bottles before 12:00pm
5.3 Bottles before 9:00pm

Eat 3 meals a day.

Drink 4 (32 Ounce Bottles)

Sip on:
Drink 2 bottles before 12:00pm
Drink 2 bottles before 9:00pm

Eat 3 meals a day.

Drink 3.75 (35 Ounce Bottle)

Sip on:
1.8 bottles before 12:00pm
1.8 bottles before 9:00pm

Eat 3 meals a day.

These are 35 ounces:

Drink 3.2 (40 Ounce Bottle)

Sip on:
Drink 1.6 of these before 12:00pm
Drink 1.6 of these before 9:00pm

Eat 3 meals a day.

Drink 2 (64 Ounce Bottle) - What Amy Prefers
This is what I personally do. I bring my half gallon to work and just sip on it through out the day.

Sip on:
Drink 2 of these before 12:00pm
Drink 2 of these before 9:00pm

Eat 3 meals a day.

Drink 1 (128 Ounce Bottle)

I do not recommend carrying this around. If you need to bring it to work have a cup with a straw by it to refill and sip on so you can see your progress. One bottle down below even encourages you.

Sip on:
Drink 1 of these before 12:00pm
Drink 1 of these before 9:00pm

Eat 3 meals a day.